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7th Pay Commission Fitment Factor 2.57

7th CPC Fitment Factor 2.57

The Fitment Factor is the main calculation ratio number for converting the basic salary from pre-revised to revised pay structure. The Sixth CPC recommended in its report on the ratio of Fitment Factor was 1.86. The 7th Pay Commission now recommended 2.57. This 2.57 is the fitment benefit to upgrade the basic salary after 10 years for Central Government employees.

7th Fitment Factor Table Overview:

Fitment Factor Linking Factor
Recommended By Pay Commission
6th CPC Fitment Factor 1.86
Expected Fitment Factor 3.86
7th CPC Fitment Factor 2.57

7th Pay Fixation Table PDF Download

How to Calculate Fitment Factor in 7th CPC?

Assuming that the Basic Pay as on 31.12.2015 (100%) 1.00
Dearness Allowance as on 31.12.2015 (125%) 1.25
Total (Basic Pay + DA) 2.25
7th CPC recommended increasing 14.29 per cent on above Total (Basic Pay + DA) 0.32
Fitment Factor 2.57

What is Fitment Factor?

Fitment factor is a unique number recommended by the pay commission used for calculating from pre-revised pay to revised pay. The revision of Basic Salary (Basic Pay) by the specific element is the Fitment Factor.

The Fitment Factor benefit is common for all groups of employees working in Central Government Services. The 6th Pay Commission had recommended 1.86 as a fitment factor and the 7th pay commission is recommended 2.57.

How to calculate fitment factor with basic pay?

If an employee drawing basic pay Rs. 15,500 in 4200 Grade Pay, his/her pay will be fixed as per the recommendations of 7th pay commission as follows:

  • Rs. 15,500 x 2.57 = Rs. 39,835
  • Grade Pay 4200 = 7th CPC Level 6

His pay will be fixed Rs. 39,900 (equal or higher cell value of the result in the pay matrix level 6).

Multiplication Factor and Fitment Formula is 2.57

What is Fitment Formula?

The meaning of fitment formula is a linking factor of the method for revising the pay (Basic Scale) on the recommendation of the pay commission. Conversion of revised pay from pre-revised pay as per the recommendations of pay commission formula is based on the fitment formula. The magic number is a more important reason that the minimum and starting basic scale will be fixed by this factor.

How fitment factor is working?

Multiply the fitment factor with the current basic pay and the result is revised pay. For example, an employee drawing a basic pay of Rs. 20,500 (Grade Pay 4600) and his pay will be fixed in the pay matrix table are given below:

  • 20,500 x 2.57 = 52,685 (next higher cell in the proportionate pay level of 7)
  • 52685 = Equal or Higher Cell Value in the Proportionate Pay Matrix Table Level 7 is 53,600.

Fitment Table PDF Download: Pre-Revised Basic Salary to Revised Basic Salary for the Pay Matrix Level 5 (GP 2800 PB 5200-20200) as per the methodology prescribed by the 7th Pay Commission:

Fitment Table for 7th CPC Level 5 (GP 2800)
Existing Basic Salary Revised Basic Salary
From To 7th CPC Basic Pay
8000 11380 29200
11390 11730 30100
11740 12080 31000
12090 12430 31900
12440 12810 32900
12820 13200 33900
13210 13590 34900
13600 13980 35900
13990 14400 37000
14410 14840 38100
14850 15270 39200
15280 15730 40400
15740 16200 41600
16210 16670 42800
16680 17170 44100
17180 17680 45400
17690 18210 46800
18220 18760 48200
18770 19310 49600
19320 19890 51100
19900 20480 52600
20490 21100 54200
21110 21730 55800
21740 22390 57500
22400 23010 59200

7th CPC Fixation Table

LEVEL 6 TO 9 (GRADE PAY 4200 TO 5400) PB-2 (9300-34800)

Grade Pay 4200 Grade Pay 4600 Grade Pay 4800 Grade Pay 5400
Index Pay Matrix Level 6 Pay Matrix Level 7 Pay Matrix Level 8 Pay Matrix Level 9
1 35400 44900 47600 53100
2 36500 46200 49000 54700
3 37600 47600 50500 56300
4 38700 49000 52000 58000
5 39900 50500 53600 59700
6 41100 52000 55200 61500
7 42300 53600 56900 63300
8 43600 55200 58600 65200
9 44900 56900 60400 67200
10 46200 58600 62200 69200

What is the meaning of Fitment Factor or Fitment Table or Fitment Benefit?

Fitment Factor is a common multiplication number, which is used for arriving a common result on new pay scale after implementation of new pay commission.

7th CPC Fitment Factor Table

Recommendations on Fitment Factor in 7th CPC Report

The starting point for the first level of the matrix has been set at 18,000. This corresponds to the present starting pay of 7,000, which is the beginning of PB-1 viz., 5200 + GP 1800, on the date of implementation of the VI CPC recommendations.

Hence the starting point now proposed is 2.57 times of what was prevailing on 01.01.2006. This fitment factor of 2.57 is being proposed to be applied uniformly for all employees.

The starting point of a Sepoy (and equivalent), the entry-level personnel in the defence forces, has been fixed in the Defence Pay Matrix at 21,700. The starting point in the existing pay structure is 8,460 for a Sepoy/equivalent.

The fitment in the new matrix is essentially a multiple factor of 2.57. This multiple is the ratio of the new minimum pay arrived at by the Commission (18,000) and the existing minimum pay (7,000). The fitment factor is being applied uniformly to all employees.

It includes a factor of 2.25 to account for DA neutralisation, assuming that the rate of Dearness Allowance would be 125 per cent at the time of implementation of the new pay as on 01.01.2016. The actual raise/fitment being recommended by the Commission is 14.29 percent. An identical fitment of 2.57 has also been applied to the existing rates of Military Service Pay (MSP), applicable to defence forces personnel only.

Hence the starting point now proposed is 2.57 times of what was prevailing on 01.01.2006. This fitment factor of 2.57 is being proposed to be applied uniformly for all employees.

Fitment Table for Defence Personnel

Entry Pay: The entry pay for various ranks of defence forces personnel, other than MNS Offices, has been arrived at on the same premise, as has been done in the case of the civilian. As an illustration, entry pay for a Captain has been arrived at as follows:

Entry pay in existing pay band + (Residency Period for promotion to Captain from Lieutenant x annual increment) + grade pay of the rank of Captain = Rs. 15,600 + (2 x Rs. 630) + Rs. 6,100 = Rs. 22,960.

An exception to this approach has been made in the case of Brigadiers/equivalents where pay for the rank has been arrived at as per the fitment table notified by the Ministry of Defence through its Special Army Instructions of October 2008.

7th Pay Commission Fitment Table: National Council JCM Staff Side suggested in their memorandum regarding fitment formula as follows…

7th Pay Commission Fitment Table

Fitment Formula

The fitment formula suggested by all the earlier Pay Commissions was not reflective of the actual revision of wages. The employees who were on rolls on the date of implementation of the Commission’s recommendation comparatively received lesser benefit than the new entrants.

Amongst the existing employees also, more benefit accrued to persons with lesser service period. This happened due to the rejection of the demand of the Staff Side to have point to point fixation.

The anomalous situation was addressed during the discussion the Staff Side had with the Group of Ministers in September 1997, over the implementation of the recommendations of the 5th CPC.

In the place of 20% of the basic pay recommended by the 5th CPC as fitment formula, the Staff Side could negotiate and settle it at 40%. The said agreement brought about near total satisfaction over the revision benefit amongst all sections of employees.

The said 40% benefit brought about uniform multiplication factor too.

Taking these into consideration, we suggest that the multiplication factor (26000/7000 = 3.7) may be applied uniformly in all the cases to arrive at the revised pay in the new scale of pay.

Fitment Table of 7th Pay Commission for Pensioners: There is no separate fitment table for pensioners in 7th pay commission report. Fitment factor is commonly 2.57 used for revision of pay and pension.

7th Pay Commission multiplication factor

Index of Rationalization (IoR)

Index of Rationalisation is slightly varied from Fitment Factor recommended by the 7th Pay Commission. IoR is used for calculating the entry pay in the new pay commission.

Rationalised Entry Pay Calculation

  • 6th CPC Pay Band: PB 1
  • Grade Pay: 1800
  • Current Entry Pay: Rs. 7000
  • Rationalised Entry Pay: 7000 x 2.57 = 18000

An ‘index of rationalisation’ has been applied while making enhancement of levels from Pay Band 1 to 2, 2 to 3 and 3 onwards on the premise that role, responsibility and accountability increases at each step in the hierarchy. At the existing PB-1, this index is 2.57, increasing to 2.62 for personnel in PB-2 and further to 2.67 from PB-3.

Recognising the significantly higher degree of responsibility and accountability at levels corresponding to Senior Administrative Grade, the entry pay is recommended for enhancement by a multiple of 2.72. The same multiple is also being applied at the HAG and HAG+ levels.

At the apex level, the index applied is 2.81 and for the Service Chiefs/Cabinet Secretary, the index has been fixed at 2.78.

The matrix the rationalisation index applied at this level has been fixed at 2.57, lower than the index of 2.67 applied to existing PB-3 officers. A similar formulation has necessarily to be applied to the defence pay matrix since the Lieutenant Colonels also received a marked increase in their pay level, post VI CPC recommendations.

Since the defence services have an additional level in the existing PB-4 and there is a common pay level for SAG level officers in Defence and Civil, the Commission has applied the rationalisation index of 2.57 also to the officers in the rank of Colonel and Brigadier and their equivalent.

Index of Rationalization Table

Index of Rationalization for Pay Level 1 to 5

6th CPC PB 1 Rationalized Entry Pay 7th CPC Pay Level RoI
1800 7,000 Pay Level 1 2.57
1900 7,730 Pay Level 2 2.57
2000 8,460 Pay Level 3 2.57
2400 9,910 Pay Level 4 2.57
2800 11,360 Pay Level 5 2.57

Index of Rationalization for Pay Level 5 to 9

6th CPC PB 2 Rationalized Entry Pay 7th CPC Pay Level RoI
4200 13,500 Pay Level 6 2.62
4600 17,140 Pay Level 7 2.62
4800 18,150 Pay Level 8 2.62
5400 20,280 Pay Level 9 2.62

Index of Rationalization for Pay Level 10 to 12

6th CPC PB 3 Rationalized Entry Pay 7th CPC Pay Level RoI
5400 21,000 Pay Level 10 2.67
6600 25,350 Pay Level 11 2.67
7600 29,500 Pay Level 12 2.67

Index of Rationalization for Pay Level 13 to 14

6th CPC PB 4 Rationalized Entry Pay 7th CPC Pay Level RoI
8700 46,100 Pay Level 13 2.57
8900 49,100 Pay Level 13A 2.67
10000 53,000 Pay Level 14 2.72

Index of Rationalization for Pay Level 15 to 18

6th CPC HAG Rationalized Entry Pay 7th CPC Pay Level RoI
67,000 Pay Level 15 2.72
75,500 Pay Level 16 2.72
80,000 Pay Level 17 2.81
90,000 Pay Level 18 2.78