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Kerala Lottery Result Chart 2024

KL Weekly Monthly Chart 2024

The Directorate of Kerala State Lotteries is conducting daily and bumper lottery schemes successfully in Kerala without any dispute! Every day lottery draw is conducted through the nominated official body in Thiruvananthapuram. The seven weekly lottery tickets (From Monday to Sunday) are selling on all 356 days in Kerala! Every day lottery draw will be held and the results are announced on the day itself!

KL Monthly & Yearly Charts Download

Daily Lottery Result First Prize
Win-Win Monday @ 3 PM 75 Lakh
Sthree Sakthi Tuesday @ 3 PM 75 Lakh
Fifty Fifty Wednesday @ 3 PM 1 Crore
Karunya Plus Thursday @ 3 PM 80 Lakh
Nirmal Friday @ 3 PM 70 Lakh
Karunya Saturday @ 3 PM 80 Lakh
Akshaya Sunday @ 3 PM 70 Lakh

KL Weekly Chart 2024

Lottery Winner
Win-Win Lottery Result Chart Click Here
Sthree Sakthi Lottery Result Chart Click Here
Fifty Fifty Lottery Result Chart Click Here
Karunya Plus Lottery Result Chart Click Here
Nirmal Lottery Result Chart Click Here
Karunya Lottery Result Chart Click Here
Akshaya Lottery Result Chart Click Here

KL Lottery Monthly Chart Jan 2024

Day & Date Lottery Scheme Winner
1.1.2024 Monday Win Win W-750 WJ 265900
2.1.2024 Tuesday Sthree Sakthi SS-396 SS 823141
3.1.2024 Wednesday Fifty-Fifty FF-79 FH 358882
4.1.2024 Thursday Karunya Plus KN-503 PU 107873
5.1.2024 Friday Nirmal NR-362 NB 177277
6.1.2024 Saturday Karunya KR-635 KO 373074
7.1.2024 Sunday Akshaya AK-633 AA 933564
8.1.2024 Monday Win Win W-751 WU 329226
9.1.2024 Tuesday Sthree Sakthi SS-397 SM 761080
10.1.2024 Wednesday Fifty-Fifty FF-80 FP 197551
11.1.2024 Thursday Karunya Plus KN-504 PB 174603
12.1.2024 Friday Nirmal NR-363 NT 175777
13.1.2024 Saturday Karunya KR-636 KF 322071
14.1.2024 Sunday Akshaya AK-634 AZ 668146
15.1.2024 Monday Win Win W-752 WB 386468
16.1.2024 Tuesday Sthree Sakthi SS-398 SN 857442
17.1.2024 Wednesday Fifty-Fifty FF-81 FK 769255
18.1.2024 Thursday Karunya Plus KN-505 PS 544098
19.1.2024 Friday Nirmal NR-364 NA 402226
20.1.2024 Saturday Karunya KR-637 KR 707363
21.1.2024 Sunday Akshaya AK-635 AC 463774
22.1.2024 Monday Win Win W-753 WX 689912
23.1.2024 Tuesday Sthree Sakthi SS-399 SK 637137
24.1.2024 Wednesday X-Mas Bumper BR-95 XC 224091
25.1.2024 Thursday Karunya Plus KN-506 PL 633955
26.1.2024 Friday Nirmal NR-365
27.1.2024 Saturday Karunya KR-638
28.1.2024 Sunday Akshaya AK-636
29.1.2024 Monday Win Win W-754
30.1.2024 Tuesday Sthree Sakthi SS-400
31.1.2024 Wednesday Fifty-Fifty FF-82

KL Lottery Monthly Chart Feb 2024

Day & Date Lottery Scheme Winner
1.2.2024 Thursday Karunya Plus KN-507 XX 000000
2.2.2024 Friday Nirmal NR-366 XX 000000
3.2.2024 Saturday Karunya KR-639 XX 000000
4.2.2024 Sunday Akshaya AK-637 XX 000000
5.2.2024 Monday Win Win W-755 XX 000000
6.2.2024 Tuesday Sthree Sakthi SS-401 XX 000000
7.2.2024 Wednesday Fifty-Fifty FF-83 XX 000000
8.2.2024 Thursday Karunya Plus KN-508 XX 000000
9.2.2024 Friday Nirmal NR-367 XX 000000
10.2.2024 Saturday Karunya KR-640 XX 000000
11.2.2024 Sunday Akshaya AK-638 XX 000000
15.2.2024 Monday Win Win W-756 WB 386468
16.2.2024 Tuesday Sthree Sakthi SS-402 SN 857442
17.2.2024 Wednesday Fifty-Fifty FF-84 FK 769255
18.2.2024 Thursday Karunya Plus KN- PS 544098
19.2.2024 Friday Nirmal NR- NA 402226
20.2.2024 Saturday Karunya KR- KR 707363
21.2.2024 Sunday Akshaya AK- AC 463774
22.2.2024 Monday Win Win W- WX 689912
23.2.2024 Tuesday Sthree Sakthi SS- SK 637137
24.2.2024 Wednesday X-Mas Bumper BR-95 XC 224091
25.2.2024 Thursday Karunya Plus KN-506 PL 633955
26.2.2024 Friday Nirmal NR-362
27.2.2024 Saturday Karunya KR-635
28.2.2024 Sunday Akshaya AK-633
29.2.2024 Monday Win Win W-754
30.2.2024 Tuesday Sthree Sakthi SS-396
31.2.2024 Wednesday Fifty-Fifty FF-82

KL Lottery Monthly Chart Mar 2024

KL Lottery Agent Commission

Am amount equal to 10 percent of prize money will be deducted from 1st and 2nd prizes and given as agents commission on the prize to the agents concerned. An amount equivalent to 10 percent of the prize money on the 3rd to 7th prizes and consolation will be given to the agents concerned as agents commission on prize from Government fund.

The Department of Lotteries has an extensive distribution network that includes more than 55,414 agents and more than 1.5 lakh merchants. The procedures for opening an agency or becoming an agent are extremely straightforward, and they don’t require a huge financial contribution. Any Kerala resident older than 18 can work for Kerala State Lotteries as an agent. A person can apply to be an agent at the District Lottery Offices by submitting the required application form which is Rs 335 and two passport-size photos. For one calendar year, this first registration is valid. After that, the agent can renew their agency for merely Rs. 85/- per year. On payment of Rs. 50 fee for a certain lottery, district lottery offices will issue a causal agency. At the moment, only the District Lottery Offices are authorized to issue agencies.

KL Lottery District Code

District Offices divide agencies. Since every agent receives an agent code after being prefixed with a district code as shown below, it is simple to determine the office to which a certain agent or agency belongs.

No. Office Code
1 Thiruvananthapuram T
2 Kollam Q
3 Pathanamthitta H
4 Allapuzha A
5 Idukki Y
6 Kottayam K
7 Ernakulam E
8 Thrissur R
9 Palakkad P
10 Malappuram M
11 Kozhikode D
12 Wyanad W
13 Kannur C
14 Kasargode S

Kerala Lottery Results Prize Claim

If you won the Kerala Lottery and your ticket number matches the one shown in the result PDF file, you can claim your prize money. In the below table, you can see a list of offices where you can pick up your prize money.

  • To claim the Prize amount, you must go to the Kerala lottery office in Thiruvananthapuram with your tickets and proof of identification within 30 days.
  • The verification process should be completed within 30 days of the results being announced.
  • Those who have won less than Rs. 5,000 can claim their prize money at any Kerala lottery shop.
  • Those who have won more than Rs. 5,000 must present their tickets to a bank or government lottery office along with an identification proof claim.

Where to Claim Kerala Lottery Prize Money?

Prize Amount Submit Claim Form to
Rs. 5000 and Below Amount Ticket Agents
Rs. 1 Lakh and Below Amount Dept. of District Lottery Offices
Rs. 1 Lakh and Below {Other State} Dept. of Directorate
Rs. 1 Lakh or Above Amount Dept. of Director of State Lotteries
Rs. 1 Lakh to 20 Lakhs Dept. of Deputy Director
Rs. 20 lakhs and Above Amount Dept. of Director

Pooja Bumper Lottery Draw on 20/Nov/2024

The next 10 Crore bumper prize lottery will be conducted on 20th November 2024 in Kerala. The Pooja Bumper lottery ticket price is Rs.250. [Pooja Bumper BR-88 draw on 20-11-2024]

Check here the Onam Bumper 2024 (BR-87)Lottery Winning Number List for the draw conducted on 18th Sep 2024 – First Prize Rs. 25 Crore!

Kerala Lottery Onam Bumper 2024 (BR-87)
Department Name Kerala State Lottery Department
Lottery Name Onam Bumper 2024 (BR-87)
Lottery Number TJ 750605
First Prize Rs. 25,00,00,000
Draw Date 18.09.2024
Official Website Link www.keralalotteries.com

The cost of a Bumper Lottery Ticket is Rs. 500

The below list shows the Prize amount for the Bumper lottery winners;

  • First Prize – Rs. 10 Crore
  • 2nd Prize – Rs. 50,00,000
  • 3rd Prize – Rs. 5,00,000
  • Consolation Prize – Rs. 1,00,000
  • 4th Prize – Rs. 1,00,000
  • 5th Prize – Rs. 5,000
  • 6th Prize – Rs. 2,000
  • 7th Prize – Rs. 1,000
  • 8th Prize – Rs. 500

Kerala Weekly Lottery Ticket Price Chart

Win-Win Rs. 40 (FV 31.25 + 28% GST)
Sthree Sakthi Rs. 40 (FV 31.25 + 28% GST)
Akshaya Rs. 40 (FV 31.25 + 28% GST)
Karunya Plus Rs. 40 (FV 31.25 + 28% GST)
Nirmal Rs. 40 (FV 31.25 + 28% GST)
Karunya Rs. 40 (FV 31.25 + 28% GST)
Fifty Fifty Rs. 50 (FV 39.06 + 28% GST)

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