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Master Canteen of Central Police Canteen

List of Master Canteen of Central Police Canteen – BSF, CRPF, CISF, ITBP, SSB, IB and PAC/A&N

Central Police Force Canteen is established under the Ministry of Affairs operating with its HQ in New Delhi for providing goods and consumer durable to the personnel on active duty and retired personnel of Central Police Forces which broadly included BSF, CRPF, CISF, ITBP, SSB, and Assam Rifles. This facility has now been extended to All CPOs coming under MHA like IB, SPG, NSG, NCRB, CBI, and Railway Police, and also to All State Police serving and retired personnel and their families as a welfare measure. The Central Police Canteen system is operating all over India for the Central Police Force Personnel. It has a wide network of 119 Master Canteens with around 1493 subsidiary canteens/outlets in different parts of the country.

Statewise List of CPC Master Canteen

CPC Master Canteen in Assam

  1. CISF Sanrakshika – IOCL, Bongaigaon
  2. CISF Subsidiary Canteen – ONGC – Jorhat
  3. CISF Subsidiary Canteen – ASG – Dibrugarh
  4. CISF Sanrakshika – NRL – Numaligarh
CPC Master Canteen in Bihar
  1. BSF, Master Canteen, KhSTPP, Kahalgaon
  2. BSF, Khagar Camp, Kishanganj
CPC Master Canteen in Chhattisgarh
  1. CISF Subsidiary Canteen – ASG – Raipur
  2. CRPF 228 Bn, FandiGuda, Sukma
  3. CRPF 217 Bn, Konta, Sukma
CPC Master Canteen in Gujarat
  1. CRPF Master Canteen, Gandhinagar
  2. BSF Master Canteen, Gandhinagar
  3. BSF Master Canteen, Bhuj
  4. FHQ, BSF, Gandhinagar
  5. BSF Sub Canteen, Bhuj
  6. BSF Ration Store,Bhuj
  7. 18 Bn, BSF, Bhuj
  8. 102 BN BSF KPKB, Sedata, Bhuj
  9. 102 BN BSF Ration Store, Sedata, Bhuj
  10. CRPF Shopping Mall, Gandhinagar
  11. CRPF 135(Mahila)Bn,Gandhinagar
  12. CISF-SAC/PRL, Ahmedabad
  13. CISF-IOC, Baroda
  14. CISF-ONGC, Mehsana
  15. CISF-ONGC, Ahmedabad
  16. CISF-ONGC-Hazira,Surat
  17. CISF-ONGC-Ankleshwar
  18. CISF-KPT-Kandala
  19. CISF-JGGPP-NTPC, Jhanor
  20. CISF-RIL, Jamnagar
  21. 6 NDRF, Jarod,Vadodara
  22. 6 NDRF Ration Store, Jarod
  23. Gujarat Police Canteen, Police HQ, Porbandar
  24. Gujarat Police Canteen, Police HQ, Junagadh
  25. Gujarat Police Canteen, Police HQ, Palanpur
  26. Gujarat Police Canteen, Police HQ, Rajpipla
  27. Gujarat Police Canteen, Police HQ, Surendra Nagar
  28. Gujarat Police Canteen, Police HQ, Ahmedabad Rural Police, Makarba
  29. Gujarat Police Canteen, Police HQ, Pratap Nagar, Vadodara
  30. Gujarat Police Canteen, Police HQ, Anand
  31. Gujarat Police Canteen, Police HQ, Godhra
  32. Gujarat Police Canteen, Police HQ, Mehsana
  33. Gujarat Police Canteen, Police HQ, Bhavnagar
  34. Gujarat Police Canteen, Police HQ, Amreli
  35. Gujarat Police Canteen, Police HQ, Patan
  36. Gujarat Police Canteen, Police HQ, Morbi
  37. Gujarat Police Canteen, Police HQ, Bhuj
  38. Gujarat Police Canteen, Police HQ, Valsad
  39. Gujarat Police Canteen, Police HQ, Vadodara Rural Police
  40. Gujarat Police Canteen, Police HQ, Surat Gramya Police, Surat
  41. Gujarat Police Canteen, Police HQ, Bharuch
  42. Gujarat Police Canteen, Police HQ, Navsari
  43. Gujarat Police Canteen, Police HQ, Botad
  44. Gujarat Police Canteen, Police HQ, Ahva-Dang
  45. Gujarat Police Canteen, Police HQ, Rajkot Gramya Police, Rajkot
  46. Gujarat Police Canteen, Police HQ, Chhota Udepur
  47. Police Training College (PTC), Junagadh
  48. Police Training Academy, Karai
  49. SRP Gr-1, Vadodara
  50. Provision Store, SRP Gr-1, Vadodara
  51. SRP Gr-2, Naroda, Ahmedabad
  52. SRP Gr-2, Ghoda Camp, Ahmedabad
  53. SRP Gr-3,Madana,Banaskantha
  54. SRP Gr 7, Nadiad
  55. Parlor, SRP Gr-7, Nadiad
  56. SRP Gr-8, Gondal
  57. SRP Gr-17, Chella, Jamnagar
  58. SRP Gr-13, Ghanteshwar, Rajkot
  59. RPF, Vadodara
  60. RPF, Ahmedabad
  61. RPF, Bhavnagar
  62. Airforce AFWWA(L), Gandhinagar
  63. Army Golden Katar, Ahmedabad
CPC Master Canteen in Haryana
  1. CISF Subsidiary Canteen – DCRTPP – Yamuna Nagar
  2. CISF KPKB Subsidiary Canteen – IGSTPP, Jharli, Jhajjar
CPC Master Canteen in Jammu Kashmir
  1. Master Prahari Canteen, STC BSF, Udhampur
  2. CRPF, Master Canteen, Rambagh, Shrinagar
  3. 59 Bn BSF Dry Canteen, Shrinagar
  4. CPC Canteen,126 Bn CRPF, Jammu
  5. CISF KPKB Subsidiary Canteen – DHEP Dulhasti, Kishtwar
  6. CRPF Subsidiary Canteen, GC, Bantalab, Jammu
  7. 161 Bn BSF Dry Canteen, Samba, Jammu
CPC Master Canteen in Jharkhand
  1. CTC (T&IT) CRPF, Master Canteen, Ranchi
  2. CISF Subsidiary Canteen – DVC – Maithan
  3. SSB 26 Bn, Ranchi
  4. STF(Special Task Force), Jaguar, Ranchi
CPC Master Canteen in Karnataka
  1. Karnataka Police Canteen, Gadag
  2. Karnataka Police Canteen, Hubli-Dharwad
  3. Karnataka Police Canteen, Dar-Dharwad
  4. Karnataka Police Canteen, Ballari
  5. Karnataka Police Canteen, Ramnagara
  6. Karnataka Police Canteen, Mysore
  7. Karnataka Police Canteen, Haveri
  8. Karnataka Police Canteen, Raichur
  9. Karnataka Police Canteen, Davanagere
  10. Karnataka Police Canteen, Yadgir
  11. Karnataka Police Canteen, Kalaburagi
  12. Karnataka Police Canteen, Bagalkot
  13. Karnataka Police Canteen, Chikkaballapur
  14. Karnataka Police Canteen, Bengaluru Rural
  15. CISF Subsidiary Canteen – RTPS, Raichur
  16. CISF Subsidiary Canteen – NPC, Kaiga
  17. Police Subsidiary Canteen, KSRP 5th Bn, Mysore
  18. Police Subsidiary Canteen, KSRP 6th Bn, Kalaburagi
CPC Master Canteen in Kerala
  1. CISF Subsidiary Canteen – LPSC – Valiamala
  2. 27 Bn ITBP Force, Nooranad, Alappuzha
  3. CISF Subsidiary Canteen – ASG – Trivandrum
CPC Master Canteen in Madhya Pradesh
  1. CISF Subsidiary Canteen – RTC – Barwaha
  2. Madhya Pradesh Police Canteen, Police HQ, Jabalpur
  3. Madhya Pradesh Police Canteen, Police HQ, Khargone
  4. Madhya Pradesh Police Canteen, Police HQ, Dhar
  5. Madhya Pradesh Police Canteen, Police HQ, Shajapur
  6. 6 Bn SAF(Special Auxiliary Force), Jabalpur
CPC Master Canteen in Maharashtra
  1. CISF KPKB Subsidiary Canteen – HP/BP, Vashi
  2. Maharashtra Police Canteen, Gadchiroli
  3. Maharashtra Police Canteen, Aheri-Gadchiroli
  4. CPC Canteen – R.P.F, Mumbai Central
CPC Master Canteen in Manipur
CPC Master Canteen in Odisha
  1. CRPF Master Canteen, 202 Cobra, Koraput
  2. CISF Subsidiary Canteen – NALCO – Angul
  3. CISF KPKB Subsidiary Canteen – TSL, Kalinganagar
  4. Dry Subsidiary Canteen, 202 Cobra, Koraput
CPC Master Canteen in Punjab
  1. CISF Master Canteen, P&HCS, Chandigarh
  2. CISF Subsidiary Canteen-P&HCS – Chandigarh
  3. CISF Subsidiary Canteen, NFL, Nangal
CPC Master Canteen in Rajasthan
  1. CRPF Master Canteen, GC-1, Ajmer
  2. CRPF CPC Subsidiary Canteen, GC-1, Ajmer
  3. CRPF Co-Operative Store , GC-1, Ajmer
  4. CRPF CPC Canteen, RTC, Jodhpur
  5. CRPF CPC Subsidiary Canteen, GC-2, Ajmer
  6. CRPF 246 Bn, Jaipur
  7. EX – CAPF – CANTEEN, CPC Canteen, Kishangarh, Ajmer
  8. EX – CAPF – CANTEEN, CPC Canteen, Karkeri, Ajmer
  9. CRPF Internal Security Academy-ISA, Mount Abu
CPC Master Canteen in Tamil Nadu

CISF Subsidiary Canteen – CPCL Manali – Chennai
CISF Subsidiary Canteen – CHPT – Chennai Port
CISF KPKB Subsidiary Canteen – VOCPT, Tuticorin (Thoothukudi)

CPC Master Canteen in Telangana
  1. CRPF 141 Bn, Bhadrachalam
  2. 99 RAF, Secunderabad
  3. CISF Subsidiary Canteen – SCCL(S) STPP(J) – Singareni
  4. Master Bhandar,GC-CRPF, Rangareddy, Secunderabad
  5. CRPF Subsidiary Canteen, GC, Chandrayangutta, barks, Hyderabad
  6. CRPF Subsidiary Canteen, GC, Rangareddy, Secunderabad
CPC Master Canteen in Uttar Pradesh
  1. SSB, Subsidiary Canteen, FTR HQ, Lucknow
  2. SSB 66 Bn, Lucknow
  3. 11 NDRF CPC Canteen, Varanasi
  4. 40 Bn PAC, CPC Canteen, Haridwar
CPC Master Canteen in Uttarakhand
  1. CISF Subsidiary Canteen – BHEL – Haridwar
  2. CISF Subsidiary Canteen – KHEP – Koteshwar
  3. KPKB BSF, BIAAT Doiwala, Dehradun
  4. Uttarakhand Police Canteen, Rudra Prayag
  5. Uttarakhand Police Canteen, Roshanabad
  6. EX-CAPF CANTEEN, CPC Canteen, Kotdwara
CPC Master Canteen in West Bengal
  1. 107 BSF Dry Canteen – Kolkata
  2. SSB 17 Bn, Falakata
  3. 112 BN BSF, Haringhata Farm, Mohanpur
  4. 169 BN BSF, Raninagar, Jalpaiguri

Central Police Canteens are serving all CAPF personnel from 2006 through 126 master canteens and 1042 subsidiary canteens are located in various places in India. Existing and retired personnel are eligible to purchase hose hold products in CPC and also family members are also allowed. CPC has also provided facilities to get two-wheeler and four-wheelers at subsidy rates. Generally, CAPFs means including the troops of BSF, CRPF, CISF, ITBP, SSB and Assam Rifles, other personnel, RPF, SPG, NCRG, and NIA are also eligible to get canteen items from CPC. The complete list of Paramilitary Force-wise details of Central Police Master Canteens is given below…

CRPF Canteen List

1. GC CRPF, Rangareddy, PO- NISA Hakim Pet, Secundrabad (A.P).
2. GC CRPF, Guwahati, PO- 9th Mile Amerigog, Guwahati-23 (Assam).
3. GC CRPF, Dayapur, Silchar (Assam).
4. GC CRPF, Jhapahan, Mazaffarpur (Bihar)
5. GC CRPF, Mokamaghat, Distt- Patna, Bihar-803303.
6. GC CRPF, Bilaspur, Bhami, PO-Ganiyari, Distt-Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh
7. 201 Bn Cobra, CRPF Karanpur, Jagdalpur (Chhatishgarh.
8. GC CRPF, Jharodakalan. New Delhi-110072
9. CRPF Dte. Block No. 1, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-03.
10. GC CRPF Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat-382042.
11. GC CRPF, Pinjore, PO-Ishwar Nagar, Distt- Panchkula, Haryana-134102.
12. GC CRPF, Gurgaon (HR) At Kadarpur P.O. Badsahpur Haryana 122001
13. CTC (T & IT), CRPF, PO-Durwaha, Ranchi, Jharkhand-834004.
14. 106 RAF/CRPF Bn, Nepali Building, Telco Campus, PO-Jamshedpur, Distt- East Singhbhum, Jharkhand-831004.
15. GC CRPF Sindhari, Ranchi
16. GC CRPF Bantlab (J&K)
17. GC CRPF Srinagar Kashmir
18. RTC-IV Srinagar, J&K)
19. GC CRPF Pallipuram, Trivandrum, Kerala-695316.
20. RTC-III, CRPF, PO- Peringome, Via-Payyannur, Distt-Kannur, Kerala-670307.
21. GC CRPF, Bangalore, Yalahanka, Karnataka-560064.
22. GC, CRPF, Hingna Road, Nagpur-440019 Maharashtra.
23. GC, CRPF Talegaon, P.OVishnupuri, DisttPune, Maharashtra-410507.
24. CTC-III, CRPF, Mudkhed, Nanded, Maharashtra-431806.
25. Comdt. 102 Bn, RAF/CRPF Bn, Taloja, Navi Mumbai-410208.
26. GC CRPF, Langjing, Imphal Manipur-795113.
27. GC CRPF, Bangarasia, Bhopal, MP-462045
28. GC CRPF, Gwalior, A.B.Road, Naya Gaon, PO-Lashkar, MP-474001.
29. GC CRPF, Neemuch Shopping Complex, MP.
30. GC, CRPF, Khatkhati, PO- Dimapur, Nagaland-797112.
31. GC CRPF Bhubaneswar, PO- Nayapally, Orissa-751011.
32. GC CRPF, Saraikhas, Kartarpur, Jallandhar (PB)
33. GC-1, CRPF, Golf Course Road, Ajmer (Raj)-305007.
34. GC CRPF, Salbagan Camp, Agartala, Tripura-799012.
35. CTC-II, CRPF, Sanjeev Hills, POThoppampatti, DisttCoimbatore, Tamilnadu-641017.
36. GC CRPF, Avadi, Chennai, Tamilnadu-600065.
37. GC CRPF, Greater Noida, Opp- Dev Motors, Vill- Sutyana, Distt-Gautam Budh Nagar, (UP)-201306.
38. GC CRPF, Rampur, Distt- Rampur (UP).
39. GC CRPF Bijnaur, Lucknow (UP)-226002
40. 104 RAF/CRPF Bn, Ramghat Road, Aligarh (UP)-202001.
41. 108 RAF/CRPF Bn, Vedvyaspuri, PO-Pratappur, Meerut, UP-250103.
42. GC CRPF Phaphamau, POIslamganj, Distt Allahabad (UP)-211013
43. GC, CRPF, Kathgodam, Uttarakhand.
44. GC CRPF, Durgapur, Distt- Burdwan, West Bengal-712314.
45. GC CRPF, Siliguri, Kowakhali, PO-Sushrutnagar, Siliguri, Distt- Darjeeling, West Bengal.

CISF Unit Canteen List

1. VSP Vijag, PO: Ukkunagaram, Distt.Vishakhapatnam (AP) – 530031.
2. Canteen Complex, NISA CISF, PO-Hakimpet, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh- 500078.
3. CISF Unit KhSTPP, Kahalgaon, Bihar
4. CISF Unit, P&HC, SectorChandigarh-160001.
5. CISF BSP Bhilai, PO-Utai, DisttDurg, Madhya Pradesh.
6. CISF Unit, BTPS Badarpur, New Delhi-110044.
7. CISF Unit BCCL Dhanbad, PO : Koyalanagar, Distt. Dhanbad (Jharkhand)-826005
8. CISF Unit RCFL Mumbai, Typed
9. 3/19, RCFL Colony Mahul Road, Chembur, Mumbai-74.
10. CISF Unit BHEL PO: Govindpura, Security Lines, Bhopal – 462023
11. CISF Unit 1st Res. Bn Barwaha, PO : Dariya Mahal, Distt. Khargone, (MP)- 451115
12. CISF Unit RSP Rourkela, Bisra Camp, Distt. Sundergarh Orissa -769011
13. CISF Unit 8th Res. Bn, Amber, PO-Amber, Jaipur-302028, Rajasthan.
14. CISF RTC Deoli-I Rajasthan
15. CISF RTC PO : Suraksha Campus, Taluk : Arakkonam, Distt. Vellore, Tamilnadu -631152
16. CISF Unit 5th Res. Bn, Ghaziabad, PO-Vasundhara, Indirapuram, Distt- Ghaziabad(UP).
17. CISF Unit NTPC Unchahar, Distt-Raiebareli, (U.P).
18. CISF Unit PTPS Panki, PO- Panki, Distt-Kanpur, UP-208020.
19. CISF Unit NTPC Dadri, Distt G.B.Nagar(U.P)
20. CISF Unit BHEL Haridwar PO-Ranipur, Distt- Haridwar, Uttarakhand-249403.
21. CISF Unit DSP Durgapur, Distt-Burdwan, West Bengal.
22. CISF Unit KOPT Kolkata, Lybian Tea Wear House, Bhoot Ghat, Garden Reach Road, Kolkata-43, West Bengal.

ITBP CPC Canteen List

1. SHQ (NE-1), ITBP, MHA, Govt.Of India, P.OSinkiview, Itanagar, DisttPampumpare, (Arunachal Pradesh)
2. Tpt Bn Chandigarh, ITBP, P.O- Airport Behlana Cantt. Chandigarh
3. 22 Bn Tigri, ITBP, Govt. Of India, P.O Madangir, New Delhi.
4. SHQ (HP) ITBP, MHA, Govt. Of India, P.OTaradevi, DisttShimla (H.P).
5. BTC, ITBP, Bhanu
6. S.S.BN, ITBP, Sambholi
7. 15 Bn ITBP Udhampur (J&K)
8. SPT Bn, ITBP, MHA, Govt. Of India, P.O- Karera, Distt-Shivpuri (M.P).
9. SHQ ITBP Gangtok (Sikkim)
10. SHQ(Kumaon), ITBP, MHA, Govt.Of India, Rama Krishnapuri, Bukhara, P.OCaubari, DisttBareilly (UP).
11. SHQ (GWL), ITBP, MHA, Govt.Of India, PO Seemad-war, Indra Nagar, DisttDehradun (UK).
12. Transit Camp, ITBP, KATHGODAM Distt- Nainital Uttarakhand

BSF Canteen List

1. SHQ BSF Guwahati, POPatgaon, Distt:- Kamrup, Guwahati (Assam) 781017
2. SHQ BSF Silchar PO-Arunachal Distt:- Cachar (Assam)- 788025
3. SHQ BSF Kishanganj, PO&Distt:- Kishanganj (Bihar) – 855108
4. SHQ, BSF Raipur (ANO) Chhattishgarh.
5. DIG (HQ) FHQ BSF East Block No.9, R.K. Puram, New Delhi -110066.
6. 25 Bn. BSF Chhawla Camp, New Delhi
7. BSF, CGO Complex Lodhi Road New Delhi
8. Frontier HQ BSF Gandhinagar, POCRPF GP.Center, Chiloda Road, Dist-Gandhi Nagar, (Gujarat)-382042
9. SHQ BSF Bhuj, Kutch Kodi Rd. Bhuj, Distt-Kutch Gujarat -370001.
10. Commandant, 33 Bn BSF, PO : Sirsa Road, Distt. Hissar, (Haryana)
11. TC&S Hazaribagh PO:-Meru Camp Hazaribagh (Jharkhand)
12. STC BSF Kashmir (J&K)
13. SHQ BSF Faloura Camp Jammu (J&K)
14. STC BSF Udhampur (J&K)
15. SHQ BSF Trivandrum, Kerala
16. DIG/Comdt STC BSF Bangalore PO:-AFS Yelahanka Bangalore .
17. STC Chakur, Latur, (Maharashtra)
18. SHQ BSF, Imphal, Bagafa Manipur, Koirengei, Imphal (East), Manipur, C/O 99 APO
19. BSF Academy Tekanpur, PO: Takenpur, Distt Gwalior (MP)
20. CSWT BSF Indore PO: BSF Campus Bijasan Road, Indore(MP)
21. Sector Hqr BSF, PO- Mawpat, Distt. Khasi Hills (East), Shillong Meghalaya 793012
22. Frontier HQ BSF, BSF Camps Jalandhar Cant (Punjab)- 144006
23. SHQ BSF, Gurdaspur, PO & Distt-Gurdaspur (Punjab) 143521
24. SHQ BSF Amritsar, Khasa, PO Narayangarha, Distt-Amritsar (Punjab) 144106
25. DIG SHQ BSF, Abohar Distt:- Abohar (Punjab)
26. SHQ BSF Jaisalmer (N) Dist- Jaisalmer (Raj)- 345002
27. STC BSF (Jodhpur) Mandore Road Jodhpur (Raj)-342026
28. SHQ BSF Barmer PO & Distt: Barmer Raj. 344001
29. Frontier HQ, BSF, Tripura, PO- Salbagan Distt:-Tripura (Agartala) (West)-799012
30. SHQ BSF Panisagar Distt:- Tripura North -799260
31. SHQ BSF Kolkata 2-B, Lord Singha Road, Kolkata (WB) 700071.
32. SHQ BSF Krishna Nagar, PO: Seema-Nagar, Distt-Nadia (WB) 741166.
33. SHQ BSF Beharampur, PO & Distt. Murshidabad (WB)
34. SHQ BSF Malda PO-Naayanpur Distt- Malda (WB)
35. STC BSF Siliguri, Baikunthpur PO Ektiasal, Distt:- Jalpaiguri (WB) 734402.

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SSB Canteen List

1. Frontier HQ SSB, Guwahati, Sundar Singh Bhawan, Vijay Path, PO-Zoo Road, Guwahati-24 (Assam)
2. Frontier HQ SSB, Arpan Bhawan, New Baily Road, Danapur, Patna (Bihar)
3. FHQr, SSB, East Block-V, Sector-1, R.K.Puram, New Delhi.
4. Training Centre, SSB, Sapri, POJwalakukhi, Distt-Kangra (H.P).
5. IT&T Training Centre, SSB, NIT-5, Railway Road, Faridabad-121001 (HR)
6. FHQr, SSB, Kendriya Bhawan, 11th Floor, Purnia Crossing, Aliganj, Lucknow (UP)-226024.
7. Frontier Academy, SSB, Srinagar, DisttPauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand.

IB Canteen List

1. Asstt. Director, IB, 35, N.Delhi-21.

PAC/A&N Canteen List

1. 9th Bn PAC, Moradabad (U.P)
2. 15th Bn PAC, Taj Ganj, Agra (U.P).
3. 41 Bn PAC, Ghaziabad (U.P).
4. 35th Bn PAC, Lucknow (U.P).
5. Andaman & Nicobar Islands Police, Port Blair