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Unmarried Certificate Format PDF Download

Marriage and Unmarried Certificate Download Online

An unmarried certificate is asked for in many government jobs. This is the certificate that ensures that you are unmarried; that is, you are not married previously. This certificate can be created by the sarpanch or councilor of the village panchayat.

Unmarried Certificate PDF Overview

Topic Unmarried Certificate PDF Download
Purpose Govt Job, Passport, etc.,
Application Mode Online and Offline
Charges According to the State
Unmarried Certificate Form PDF Download

Indian Army Unmarried Certificate

Army, Navy, and Air Force recruitment listings need a certificate of single status since it is mandated to join the military. Individuals preparing for Army, Navy, or Air Force recruitment should apply for this unmarried certificate. Individuals should apply to their state government department to obtain a unmarried certificate.

To apply for an unmarried certificate, you need documents like:

  • Photo
  • Age proof
  • Self-Declaration of Applicant
  • Photocopy of the passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Address proof
  • Proof of the applicant’s parents
  • An affidavit stating that the applicant is still a bachelor

An unmarried Certificate is used for the emigrants or NRI (Non-Resident Indians). It is needed to have an unmarried certificate for a detailed job type such as Army, Navy, Air force, etc. The unmarried certificate is used to display when a person goes for legal marriage.

How to get Unmarried Certificate?

Simple Steps to Get an Unmarried Certificate

There are some processes for an unmarried certificate; check out below:

Applicants must visit the Suvidha Kendra Centre or the Deputy Commissioner’s office if they are inquisitive and need an unmarried certificate.
All the documents must be notarized and certified by the applicant.
In addition, an affidavit will be needed from the applicant.
Submit all the required documents to the authority, jointly with the application fee.
After 15-20 days from the date of document submission, a police inquiry will be performed.
At this time, it is important for an applicant to have at least two witnesses during the investigation (they can be neighbors or friends)
After the investigation, the papers will be dispatched to the Ministry of External Affairs for conclusive attestation.
After that, the applicant will obtain the final certification.
If the nominee lives outside of India, the Indian High Commissioner can give them an unmarried certificate.
To fill out the unmarried certificate, you need to fill in the details like:
Candidate Details for Unmarried Certificate PDF
  • Candidate Name
  • Father’s name
  • Address of Applicant
  • District/ State
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Certificate granting date/ Place
  • Signature of Issuing Authority with the seal of the concerned authority person.

Unmarried Certificate PDF Download Online in Tamil Nadu

If you want to get Unmarried Certificate online in Tamil Nadu, you have to register with your details in the official website of tnesavai.tn.gov.in

How to apply for Unmarried Certificate Online in TN E-Sevai Portal?

We have explained in a simple process to apply for an unmarried certificate in TN E-Sevai Portal;

Process 1: Go to the official website (tnesevai.tn.gov.in)
Process 2: Click the Citizen Login button
Process 3: Enter the login details
Process 4: Enter Captcha Code
Process 5: Enter Login
Process 6: Click on Services on the left panel
Process 7: Click on Revenue Department
Process 8: Click on REV-120 Unmarried Certificate
Process 9: Click on Proceed to continue the process

If the applicant is having a unique CAN Number his/her record will be shown in the search results.

Step-1: Select the record by clicking on the options button against the desired record.
Step-2: Click on Proceed.
CAN details of the applicant may be modified by clicking on the Edit CAN Detail button.
The Save as New option allows you to save the same CAN Number with different applicant details.
Filling up Unmarried Certificate form – Applicant details will appear pre-filled in the form. These details are non-editable.
The next screen will show a list of required documents.
The payments page will appear. Amount payable (Total Fees) will be shown on the screen. Click on Confirm Payment.
Click on Print Receipt to Download

And now check on Check Status, enter the application number, and click search. The application will show up the details with the Unmarried Certificate Download option. Click the Download Certificate link. The Unmarried Certificate will be downloaded.

Non-Marriage Certificate Format for Pensioners


This is to certify that …………………W/o ……………..holder of PPO No. …………….NIC No. …………….whose specimen signature/thumb impression and address are appended below has not remarried after the death ofher husband to date …………….Address …………………………… (Pensioner Signature/Thumb Impression) ………………….Phone No. ……………(City/Area Code) …………

Name: ……………
(Signature of attesting officer)
Address: ………………….
Phone No. …………….
(Official Stamp of attesting officer)

Note: This Certificate is to be signed by Class-I Gazetted Office or Military Commissioned Officer or As Authorised Under