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AICPIN February 2023 for Dearness Allowance

DA Calculator Feb 2023

The Labor Bureau has issued a press release today, indicating a minor drop in the All India Consumer Price Index Number (CPI-IW) for February 2023. The latest statistical data reveals that the current AICPIN value is 132.7.

The AICPIN, also known as the All-India Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers, gauges the expenses of goods and services utilized by industrial workers in India.

The index is computed using crucial items such as food, housing, clothing, fuel, etc. The Indian government employs the scores from AICPIN to determine Dearness Allowance (DA), which is granted to workers to mitigate the impact of inflation on their compensation.

Updates on the February 2023 AICPIN report will be provided after its release on March 31, 2023. As per the most recent data, there has been a 0.5 point increase, representing a 0.38% rise from the previous month and a 0.24% decrease from the previous year’s corresponding period.

The official Labour Bureau website houses this information. The AICPIN holds significance as it is closely monitored by investors, policymakers, and economists as a vital pointer of inflation in India.

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