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DA/DR from January 2023 at 42% is Confirmed

Confirmed 42% Dearness Allowance from January 2023 to Govt Employees – AICPIN for the month of November 2022 released

A Dearness Allowance, also known as DA, is a form of monetary compensation that is provided to workers in order to assist them in coping with the rising cost of living. It is a common practice to include it as a motivational tool for employees as well as an essential component of the salary structure. Employees who are struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing cost of living can benefit greatly from the Dearness Allowance, which is an essential component of the salary structure. It is a form of compensation that is given to employees in order to assist them in keeping up with inflation as well as other changes that take place in the economy. The amount of DA that is provided to an employee is based, in part, on the rate of inflation that is currently in effect as well as the salary structure of the organization. It is typically computed as a percentage of the base salary and is subject to periodic adjustments to ensure that it remains competitive with rising prices.

42% DA/DR Almost Confirmed!

According to a press release issued by the Labour Bureau in November 2022, the level of the All-India Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers (CPI-IW) did not change from the previous month. As a direct result of this, the Dearness Allowance for January 2023 has reached its conclusion stage! According to the Seventh Central Pay Commission, the data from this month’s CPI-IW indicate a 4% growth, which will result in a 42% increase in DA/DR for Central Government Employees and Pensioners. These numbers were determined based on the data from this month’s CPI-IW. Only in the event that the AICPIN index for the month of December 2022 will increase by more than 7 points or decrease by more than 5 points from the current level will the prediction of ‘Expected DA from January 2023’ be subject to modification! Aside from that, the Dearness Allowance (DA) of 42% beginning in January 2023 is virtually guaranteed!

42% DA Caculation Table
July 2022 129.9 374 39.03
August 2022 130.2 375 39.70
September 2022 131.3 378 40.43
October 2022 132.5 382 41.13
November 2022 132.5 382 41.77
December 2022 132.5 382 42.44

If the AICPIN index number for the month of December will be 132.5, the additional DA/DR for Central Government employees, pensioners, and family pensioners will be 4%! The total DA/DR will move up to 42%!

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