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When is New Year’s Day 2023

New Year’s Day 2023 in India

The new year celebration is marked as a moment to bid the past year farewell and welcome the new one. With family and friends in a big crowd or a small gathering, Indians celebrate this occasion. In 2023, new year’s day is celebrated on the 1st of January, which is a Sunday, when there are live performances, singing, dancing, parties, and New Year’s resolutions throughout the cities. We reflect on the previous year and set our sights on the future as the New Year 2023 approaches. We set resolutions in the hopes of a new beginning. The New Year is a fresh start for many of us as we consider our past mistakes and resolve to do better in the coming year.

Therefore we commit to improving ourselves and being nicer, healthier, and happier. Let’s hope to change the world and be a positive influence. We want to change for the better, and New Year’s is the ideal time to do it.

Do you know that since ancient times, people have celebrated the first day of the year?

Mesopotamia hosted the first known New Year’s celebration in 2000 BCE.

Following the vernal equinox, the first new moon marked the beginning of the Babylonian calendar year, and an eleven-day festival named Akitu was held to mark the occasion. The Persians carried on the custom and observed the spring equinox as the start of their new year. The Romans, however, began the new year on 1st March.

New Year’s Eve is observed on 31st December

The Julian calendar, created by Julius Caesar in 46 B.C., began each year on the 1st of January. As a result, the previous Roman calendar based on the moon became obsolete. But according to the Gregorian calendar, New Year’s Eve is observed on 31st December.

The start of the new year 2023 is a time for celebration, reflection, and resolution. Do you have any fun rituals that you follow to bring in the new year? Many people follow the New Year’s Day custom of attending a special church or temple ceremony.

Some people could party with friends on New Year’s Eve and dance the night out to welcome the new year. Some spend with their loved ones over a delicious dinner, while some take advantage of the holidays and go on vacations.

New Years’ is a time for new beginnings, regardless of how you celebrate it.