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7th Pay Commission Transport Allowance

Transport Allowance Orders PDF Download 2022

Double Transport Allowance out of the 50 percent 35 percent ceiling relating to Divyang – Finmin Order 21.2.2022

31 Percent of DA from July 2021

The Cabinet Committee approves today (21.10.2021) a 3% additional Dearness Allowance with effect from 1st July 2021 to all groups of Central Government employees and pensioners.

Transport Allowance Chart from July 2021

Rate of Transport Allowance from 1st July 2021
Pay Matrix Level Higher TPTA Cities Other Places
Pay Matrix Level 9 and above Rs. 7200 + 31% 7200 Rs. 3600 + 31% 3600
Pay Matrix Level 3 to Level 8 Rs. 3600 + 31% 3600 Rs. 1800 + 31% 1800
Pay Matrix Level 1 and Level 2 Rs. 1350 + 31% 1350 Rs. 900 + 31% 900

Traveling Allowance Rates 7th Pay Commission

According to the accepted recommendations of the 7th pay commission, the percentage of Dearness Allowance is also calculated on the Transport Allowance and provides both the elements as Transport Allowance. So, the Transport Allowance enhanced from July 2021 as given below:

Pay Matrix Level 1 and 2

  • Other Cities: 900 + DA
  • TPTA Cities: 1350 + DA

Pay Matrix Level 3 and 8

  • Other Cities: 1800 + DA
  • TPTA Cities: 3600 + DA

Pay Matrix Level 9 & above

  • Other Cities: 3600 + DA
  • TPTA Cities: 7200 + DA

List of Higher TPTA Cities

What is TPTA Cities?

19 Cities are classified under Higher TPTA Cities. 1. Ahmedabad (UA), 2. Bengaluru (UA), 3. Chennai (UA), 4. Coimbatore (UA), 5. Delhi (UA), 6. Ghaziabad (UA), 7. Greater Mumbai (UA), 8. Hyderabad (UA), 9. Indore (UA), 10. Jaipur (UA), 11. Kanpur (UA), 12. Kochi (UA), 13. Kolkata (UA), 14. Kozhikode (UA), 15. Lucknow (UA), 16. Nagpur (UA), 17. Patna (UA), 18. Pune (UA), 19. Surat (UA).

Transport Allowance in Lockdown

The Central Government has notified to hold Dearness allowance for 18 months for all CG employees due to COVID 19 pandemic crisis. The Transport Allowance also granted the same amount for the freezing period of 18 months from 1.1.2020 to 30.6.2021.

1st July 2020 to 30th June 2021 = Transport Allowance + 17% of TA

Admissibility of Transport Allowance during Lockdown

Transport Allowance for the employees working from ‘Work From Home in the lockdown period is crucial. One of the rules says a minimum one-day attendance in a whole month for granting Transport Allowance.

Is ‘Work from Home’ a physical attendance for duty?

This is the first time to announce all Government employees be allotted as ‘Work from home’ in India. The guidelines of ‘Work from Home’ for government employees is not clear in any order.

Pay Level (Grade Pay) Higher TPTA Cities* Other Places**
Level 9 and Above (GP 5400 PB-2 and Above) Rs. 7200 + DA Rs. 3600 + DA
Level 3 to Level 8 (GP 2000 to GP 4800) Rs. 3600 + DA Rs. 1800 + DA
Level 1 and Level 2(GP 1800 and GP 1900) Rs. 1350 + DA Rs. 900 + DA

*Pay matrix level 14 and above = Rs. 15750 + DA  or Availing Official car

What is the procedure to avail of the benefit?

Employees who have visually impaired, orthopedically handicapped, deaf and dumb/hearing impaired, spinal deformity. Employees will get a recommendation certificate from the Head of the orthopedics department, Head of the Ophthalmologist Department, Head of the ENT Department of a Government Civil Hospital.

What is the 6th CPC 7440 issue and when settled?

In the 6th CPC regime, employees who are drawing pay in the band Rs.7440 and above in Grade Pay of below 4200, were eligible for a higher Transport allowance of Rs.1600 instead of Rs.600 in A1/A Cities and Rs.800 instead of Rs.400 in Other Places.

The 7th pay commission did not mention this aspect in its report. After long deliberation, Govt accepted the demand and issued orders on 2.8.2017.

The orders said, Central Government employees who are drawing pay of Rs.24200 & above in Pay Level 1 & 2 of the Pay Matrix, shall be eligible for grant of Transport Allowance @ Rs.3600/- plus D.A. thereon at the cities mentioned in the Annexure to the above-cited OM. and @ Rs.1800 plus D.A. thereon at all Other Places.

TA Chart for Level 3 and Above

The below table has described the changes in TA rates for pay matrix level 1 and level 2

7th CPC Level TPTA Cities Other Cities
Level-1 (GP 1800) and Level-2 (GP 1900)
Level – 1 1350 + DA 900 + DA
3600 + DA (24200 and Above) 1800 + DA (24200 and Above)
Level – 2 1350 + DA 900 + DA
3600 + DA (24200 and Above) 1800 + DA (24200 and Above)
Level-3 (GP 2000) to Level-8 (GP 4200)
Level – 3 3600 + DA 1800 + DA
Level – 4 3600 + DA 1800 + DA
Level – 5 3600 + DA 1800 + DA
Level – 6 3600 + DA 1800 + DA
Level – 7 3600 + DA 1800 + DA
Level – 8 3600 + DA 1800 + DA
Level-9 and Above (GP 5400 PB-2 and Above)
Level – 9 7200 + DA 3600 + DA
Level – 10 7200 + DA 3600 + DA
Level – 11 7200 + DA 3600 + DA
Level – 12 7200 + DA 3600 + DA
Level – 13 7200 + DA 3600 + DA

TA Table for Levels 1 and 2

Transport Allowance for Matrix Pay Level 1 and Pay Level 2

Rs. 24,200 – Matrix Pay in Levels 1 and 2 is a magic number!

Transport allowance is one of the major elements in salary package for Central Govt employees including Railway employees. Transport allowance is paid annually at a minimum of Rs. 12,000 to a maximum of more than one lakh according to their grade and post.

TA on During Leave

The allowance will not be admissible for the calendar month(s) wholly covered by leave.

TA on During deputation abroad

The allowance will not be admissible during the period of deputation abroad.

TA on During Tour

If an employee is absent from the Headquarters /Place of Posting for full calendar month/months due to tour, he/she will not be entitled to Transport Allowance. During that/those calendar month/months. However, if the absence does not cover any calendar month(s) in full, Transport Allowance will be admissible for a full month.

TA on During Duty

During training treated as duty. The allowance may be granted during such training, if no Transport Facility/ Traveling Allowance /Daily Allowance is provided for attending the training institute. During the Official tour of his training course, the allowance will not be admissible when the period of the tour covers the whole calendar month. Also, during training abroad, no Transport will be admissible when the period of such training covers the whole calendar month.

TA on During Inspection

During inspection/survey duty by Members of Special Parties within the city but exceeding 8 km. From the Headquarters or during continuous field duty either in or outside the Headquarters: Transport Allowance is given to compensate for the expenditure incurred for commuting both to and fro between the place of duty and residence. In case when one gets Road Mileage/Daily Allowance or free transportation for field/inspection/survey duty or tour for a period covering the whole calendar month, he/she will not be entitled to Transport Allowance during that calendar month.

TA on Vacation Leave

To vacation staff: Vacation staff is entitled to Transport Allowance provided no free transport facility is given to such staff. However, the allowance shall not be admissible when such vacation spell, including all kinds of Leave, covers the whole calendar months.

TA on Suspension Period

During Suspension: As a Government employee under suspension is not required to attend office, he/she is not entitled to Transport Allowance during suspension where suspension covers the full calendar month(s). This position will hold well even if the suspension period is finally treated as duty. Where the suspension period covers a calendar month partially, Transport Allowance payable for that month shall be reduced proportionately.

Admissible Travelling allowance

To Whom and When Travelling allowance is not admissible?
1. Central government employees who have been provided the Government facility of Staff Car Transport.
2. Absence from duty during a full calendar month, will not be admissible Transport allowance.

Central Government constituted a Committee under the Chairmanship of the Finance Secretary to examine the recommendations of the 7th CPC on Allowances. The Allowance Committee submitted its report on 27 April 2017 to Government.

Finmin Issued Detailed Orders about Transport Allowance on 7.7.2017

Amendment order regarding Transport Allowance on 2.8.2017

DoPT & Finmin Orders on TA

More Finance Ministry and DoPT issued orders regarding the Transport Allowance and are compiled here for your ready reference…

The below table describes the Transport Allowance for Pay Matrix Level -1 and Level -2 after the release of the Finance Ministry Clarification…(Calculation for DA taken as 4%)

  • 7th CPC Transport Allowance with DA(5%) Chart w.e.f. 1.7.2017
  • 7th CPC Transport Allowance with DA(7%) Chart w.e.f. 1.1.2018
  • 7th CPC Transport Allowance with DA(9%) Chart w.e.f. 1.7.2018
  • 7th CPC Transport Allowance – Finmin and DoPT Orders

TA Eligibility Rules

Transport Allowance Eligibility Rules for the month of April 2020 to CG Employees

Transport Allowance Admissibility Rules for the month of April 2020 to Central Government Employees. Admissibility of Transport Allowance to Central Government Employees in lockdown period of April 2020.

List of Other Cities for TA

Other than TPTA Cities, all cities and towns are classified as ‘Other Cities’. Faridabad, Gurgaon, Chazidabad, and Noida are entitled to Transport Allowance at the rates applicable to ‘Other Cities’.

Top Developments on 7th CPC TA