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Central Government Jobs Notification

The Detailed List of Vacancies in Central Government India 2022

Central Government Jobs Vacancy Position 2022: As per the Annual Report of Pay Research Units of the Department of Expenditure, the details of the vacancies in Central Government including Group A, B, and C, as on 01.03.2021 is as below:

Group Number of vacant posts
A 33,584
B 1,18,807
C 8,36,936
Total 9,79,327

Creation and filling up of posts in the Central Government is the responsibility of the concerned Ministry/Department and it is a continuous process. Vacancies in various Ministries/ Departments of the Central Government, and their attached/ subordinate offices arise due to retirement, promotion, resignation, death, etc. All Ministries/ Departments of the Central Government have been asked to take action in a mission mode for filling up vacant posts in a time-bound manner.

Source: PIB

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