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Dearness Allowance (DA) Arrears Calculator 2023

DA Arrears Online Calculator for Central Govt Employees

Central government employees are eligible for a bi-annual pay increase in January and July, as determined by the Union Cabinet. The rate of increase is dependent on the cost of essential goods and services across India. The official announcement of the increase, known as DA, is released in March and September. Along with the salary for those months, arrears for the preceding two months are also included in the payment.

Subject DA and DR Calculator
Department Central Government
Beneficiaries Central Govt Employees
Effect From Jan 01, 2023

DA Arrears Online Calculator

The Central government is providing its employees, pensioners, and family pensioners with DA and DR arrears. To aid in this, an online tool known as the DA Arrears calculator is now available. The tool considers the common practice of retroactive DA increases. It is worth noting that despite the most recent increase being announced in March 2023, it will apply retrospectively to January of the same year. As a result, individuals employed by the central government can expect to receive arrearages for two months. Our website provides a straightforward and convenient solution for computing your arrears and elevated DA from your base salary. Utilize our accessible and costless tool, the DA Arrears Online Calculator, for a hassle-free experience.

How to use DA Tool?

To make the most of the DA Tool, you can easily follow these uncomplicated steps: Just input your presumed AICPIN (IW 2016=100) from January to June 2023 in the assigned white boxes to determine your Dearness Allowance. In the appropriate column, the tool will offer an estimation of the approximate Dearness Allowance percentage for the relevant month. It’s worth noting that the estimation will be rounded, ignoring the decimal for June, which is the final month. By adhering to these simple steps, you can become proficient in using the DA Tool.

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Calculate Your DA Arrears

Central government employees are granted an increase in their monthly salary every 6 months, which is determined by two factors – the amount of their DA and Transport Allowance. The rate of the latter is based on their entitlement plus the same percentage as their DA. Our tool can determine and calculate the separate increases for both DA and TA according to an employee’s entitlement.

Please note that the values of the outcomes given should be interpreted as an estimate.

DA Arrears Online Calculator Pensioners

The purpose of the online calculator is to assist retired employees in calculating their DA arrears. It should be noted that dearness allowance and relief have a similar function, but the former is designated for current government employees whereas the latter is intended for retired workers. The calculator operates by computing DR arrears using the same method as DA arrears, with the exception of transport allowance which is not relevant to pensioners. With this free online program, you can effortlessly determine your arrears for a two-month period and the augmented DR amount based on your basic pension.

DR Arrears Online Calculation App

Central government employees, pensioners, and family pensioners will soon have access to an online calculation application for DA arrears. The Union Cabinet has approved a 4% increase in Dearness Allowance starting from January 2023. The increased DA amount will be received with the March 2023 salary, while arrears for the preceding two months will be paid separately in April 2023. Similarly, pensioners and family pensioners will receive the enhanced DR amount along with their March pension, while DR arrears for two months will be issued separately in April.

Please note that the values of the outcome provided are approximate and should be taken as such.

DA Arrears Calculation Excel Sheet 38 to 42

To aid with determining DA arrears, an Excel spreadsheet is available for download. This tool provides calculated values based on pay levels in the pay matrix table and can assist in determining arrears based on basic pay. It can be downloaded and saved for later use on a computer or mobile device.

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How do I use the DA Arrears Online Calculator?

To use the DA Arrears Online Calculator, simply enter your details such as your current basic pay, dearness allowance, and eligible period. The calculator will then generate the amount of arrears that you are eligible for.

Do I need to be a pensioner in order to use the DA Arrears Online Calculator?

No, you do not need to be a pensioner in order to use the DA Arrears Online Calculator. It can be used by anyone who is currently employed by the Central Government.

Is the DA Arrears Online Calculator accurate?

Yes, the DA Arrears Online Calculator provides accurate calculations for calculating DA arrears. All calculations are based on official data provided by the Central Government.

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