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Delhi Metro Employee Salary

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) maintains a public transportation system in India’s National Capital Region. It is among the world’s largest and most successful metro systems. As a result, it features a straightforward wage structure, ranging from non-executive staff to executive officers.
DMRC Basic Salary Post-wise Table

The DMRC basic salary table by grade is an exhaustive breakdown of salaries for all DMRC workers. There are two primary divisions: executive staff and non-executive staff. Each classification has its own compensation grade and wage range. For example, the non-executive staff is paid a basic wage between Rs. 16,000 and Rs. 50,000 per month, but the executive staff is paid a basic salary between Rs. The classification of positions under the non-executive category is separated into two categories: non-supervisory and supervisory personnel. The category of Executive Officers is further separated into two subcategories: Executive and Functional BOD. This compensation is augmented by housing and medical allowances, among other benefits. Moreover, the executive staff is eligible for promotions and salary increases based on their performance.

Classification of Posts in DMRC

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited (DMRC) Employees (Executive and Non-Executive) Basic Pay Table with Classification of Posts

Non-Executive Staff Salary Structure in DMRC

Non-Supervisor Grade Salary Structure in DMRC
Non-Supervisor Status
1 Unskilled 16000-50000
2 Semi-skilled 20000-60000
3 Skilled Maintainer 25000-80000
4 Maintainers and Assistants 35000-110000
Supervisor Grade Salary Structure in DMRC
Supervisor Status
5 Supervisor-II 37000-115000**
6 Supervisor-I 40000-125000**
7 Sr. Supervisors -II 46000-145000
8  Sr. Supervisor-I 50000-160000
Executive Officers Salary Structure in DMRC
1 Asstt. Manager 50000-160000
2 Manager 60000-180000
3 Dy. General Manager 70000-200000
4  Sr. Dy. General Manager 80000-220000
5  Jt. General Manager 90000-240000
6  Addl. General Manager-Sr. Addl. General Manager* 100000-260000
7 General Manager, Sr. General Manager, Chief General Manager* 120000-280000
8 Executive Director 150000-300000
Functional BOD Offices Salary Structure in DMRC
9. Director 180000-340000
10. Managing Director 200000-370000

* Entitled to special pay of Rs.2,500/- p.m.

** Time-bound promotion for non-supervisor to grades which are operated at Supervisor level, however the Work profile of non-supervisor shall remain unchanged. Certain service benefits shall be extended, at par as admissible to supervisors in the grade. The Supervisory pay scales are also being operated in non-supervisory categories on time-bound promotions.

Dearness Allowance for DMRC Employees

Admissible according to the IDA (Industrial Dearness Allowance) pattern, which is amended four times per year on the 1st of April, July, October, and January. In CDA, the DA is amended twice annually, on January 1 and July 1 of each year.

Dearness Allowance for Deputation Employees in DMRC

During the period of deputation, the deputationist will continue to draw DA at the rates which would have been applicable to him/her, had he/she continued in DMRC.

House Rent Allowance for DMRC Employees
S. No Revised Classification of Cities/ Towns Rates of HRA admissible (% of Basic Pay)
1 X (Previously classified as A 1)  24%
2 Y (Previously classified as A, B1 & B 2)  16%
3 Z (Previously classified as C) 8%

The rate of HRA will be revised to 27%, 18% & 9% for X, Y, and Z class cities respectively when IDA crosses 25% and further revised to 30%, 20%, and 10% when IDA crosses 50%.

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